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The mission of ICT Development Bulgaria is to contribute to the spread and integration of new Information and Communication Technologies in society through creating understanding, facilitating access and developing citizens’ skills and competencies in line with the requirements of the knowledge-based economy.
More specifically in it activity ICTD Bulgaria is pursuing the following aims:
• to facilitate the take-up of ICTs and help engender a positive attitude towards the benefits of information technology and its relevance to everyday activities, including access to on-line administrative services, e-health and e-business solutions, virtual social networks, digital heritage and others;

• to reduce the existing digital divides by linking ICTs with social inclusion and creating the necessary conditions for citizens in remote and underdeveloped communities, as well as representatives of vulnerable groups to benefit from the opportunities, provided by advanced information technologies;

• to contribute to the development of an informed society by building a supportive environment and raising awareness about existing channels for input, distribution and access to information, knowledge, services, resources and content (administrative, educational, scientific, cultural etc.) at the national and local levels;

• to provide comprehensive opportunities for improving the e-skills, media awareness and professional competencies of citizens through elaboration of digitally-enhanced training programs and facilities, curriculum development, as well as aggregation and distribution of education content, targeted towards specific groups and implementing the practice of lifelong learning;

• to foster the development of a healthy business environment through relieving the access to competitive broadband networks and services, providing advice on uptake and use of complex ICT applications and e-business to small companies, and reducing ICT skills impediments to the growth of SMEs;
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