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  The MW-sonet team meets again in Szeged
ICTD Bulgaria took part in the second MW-sonet partner meeting in Szeged between 26-29 September 2010, where partners from 7 European countries where involved in discussions over the development of the MW-sonet community

The MW-sonet team meets again in Szeged The MW-sonet project a Leonardo Da Vinci funded initiative started in the end of 2009 has put a specific focus on the role of rural women in the economic and social development of their local communities.

The project includes the adaptation and implementation of an efficient learning methodology for building mentoring, professional and social networking skills among women in agriculture within the national context of 5 of the participating countries (Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria). The methodology had been previously developed and realized by project partners in 2 countries (Iceland, Danmark), who have expressed their willingness to transfer their accumulated experience, knowledge and practical advice to the MW-sonet community.

In line with the projected activities the team met for the second time in the town of Szeged, Hungary at a project follow-up seminar, organized and hosted by the Hungarian partner in the project the Hungarian Telecottage Association.

The primary aims of the meeting were to discuss project progress, to assess the achieved deliverables, to spot problematic issues, as well as to outline next steps and provide practical guidance on the delivery of partner responsibilities within the MW-sonet WPs.

The participating partners were presented with the results of a comprehensive needs analysis, realized in the first months of 2010 and based on the answers of respondents representatives of the target group (rural women), interviewed in 5 partner countries - Lithuania, Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria. The conclusions of the analysis have indicated significant similarities, concerning the role, necessities and learning status of women in agriculture in the target countries.

Significant emphasis has been put on the running process of adaptation and delivery of the projects e-learning training courses - the primary tool for creating a community of active rural women in each of the focus countries. The needs of each partner in terms of methodological guidance, timetable, curriculum and training materials for the delivery of the courses have been discussed and taken into account.

Also, the projects main community environment the MW-sonet Social Networking Tool has been widely disputed and many crucial questions, concerning the functioning, administration, language barriers and branding of the virtual network have been answered.

A specific panel of the meeting was devoted to creating impressions among the participants on the impact of the MW-sonet project in Hungary through organized encounter with target rural women. Within a very relaxed and informal atmosphere all participants in the panel were able to ask their questions, chat and ultimately learn from each other!

Place Szeged

Date from 26 09 2010 to 29 09 2010
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The MW-sonet team meets again in Szeged
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