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MW- Sonet SUMMARY “Building Bridges: Empowering women in agriculture to succeed“ (BB) was an best practice project realized in LdV (2005 – 2007). The aim of BB was to involve and stimulate farm women active in agricultural communities to become mentors for other farm women in each participating country. Studies and research in Lithuania and other EU countries show that there is a great interest in information exchange, entrepreneurial ways of thinking, in building capacity and self- esteem, life long learning and e- services. Women in rural areas feel isolated and do not get proper acknowledgement as farmers and the deep rootsed traditions within the profession maintain the male- domination of the sector. Women want to learn from each other, they would like to have professional trainers or mentors.While trying to bridge a gap between cities and rural areas local tele- cottages are emerging in many EU countries.But there are no institutions or courses to motivate and empower rural woman to be active participants in the agricultural community life. Every BB course empowers the women to share knowledge, develop networks, explore further, and develop themselves. The pedagogical model in BB opens doors for the women, gives added value to professional and social life. The main aim of MW-Sonet is to transfer the BB model to project partner countries and to involve and stimulate women to become active participants of local community life, to become mentors for other rural women and all the rural community. A specific aim is to help rural women empower themselves in order to gain more integration into the social infrastructure and be more active in influencing their social and economical environment. We plan to build a social network for international rural women- mentors to share ideas, knowledge and skills, and empower ourselves. We use e- learning courses from the BB project and supplement courses with success stories from various countries. MW- Sonet partners are from 7 countries- Lithuania, Bulgaria, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Turkey. Partners have expertise in rural development, coaching and mentoring, LLL, technologies, project management, valorization and dissemination. Main project outcomes are five e- learning courses transferred, adapted and tested in national and international environments; tools for organizing and managing social networking and guides how to use these tools; initiated and established international and national MW-Sonet communities and a Handbook of good practice, including mentoring skills. MW-Sonet encourages the participants to share ideas in local, national and international communities. Women- mentors will be trained and a network of rural mentors will be established. Outcomes will have a positive impact of rural women for social improvement, self- education and LLL, improving self- esteem awareness of their own special knowledge and of the need to change. Formal and informal learning in MW-Sonet will be accredited following the ECVET scheme.

MW Sonet

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