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  VET Solution for eInclusion facilitators
European VET Solution for eInclusion facilitators Last years a growing attention toward eInclusion policies (i2010, Riga Declaration) has been registered, considering ICT/Internet as vehicle for personal development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employability. Over the last 10-15 years a great number of NGOs have activated several networks of Public Internet Centres (PICs) throughout Europe in an attempt to reduce the Digital Divide by promoting eSkills, effort recently recognised in the EU Ministerial eInclusion Conference (Vienna, 2008). Their staff/volunteer eInclusion Facilitators (social/cultural animators, ICT trainers, guidance experts, on-demand assistants) are the promoters of disadvantaged users’ engagement and their link to local context, so the investment in their “training is essentially the key factor for successful implementation” (Rissola, 2007).

Starting from this scenario, the partnership (made up by well experienced large NGOs and VET research & consultancy organisations) proposes to develop an innovative brand new VET solution in order to help European countries to cope with the common challenge of eInclusion, by supporting the vocational training of Facilitators in a diversity of contexts (local/regional PICs networks maintained by NGOs/public administration, civic centres, libraries, adult schools, etc).

Specifically, the project intends to:
- design a certifiable training curriculum for eInclusion Facilitators, focused on development of key competences of users at risk (e/civic/interpersonal/learning-to-learn) for their empowerment in a Knowledge Society
- build up a new supportive blended learning environment inspired in Web 2.0 (ning, blogs, wikis) and user-centred didactics (constructivism, learning-by-doing)
- test, assess and reshape both, launch and implement them in partner NGOs and beyond (Exploitation strategy)

Expected impact: 200 Facilitators/100 PICs (short-term), 1.000 Facilitators/500 PICs/year (long term). A Facilitator typically serves 350 to 500 end users/year.



La Academia de Telecentros

La Ligue de l enseignement

Sozialforschungsstelle Dortmund

European VET Solution for eInclusion facilitators
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