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Vocational Education and Training /VET/
ICTD Bulgaria has been involved in different training initiatives, targeted towards women and representatives of vulnerable groups and including the design and valorization of vocational education instruments in areas, such as improving the IT skills of Roma women (e-Integration of minority groups) or providing mentoring knowledge to women with established business in agriculture (MW-sonet).

Moreover, the organization works closely with ECDL Bulgaria in providing testing and ECDL certification in the area of ICT skills, operates a licensed testing centre and has established a viable partnership with the Laboratory of Telematics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. Another asset of ICTD Bulgaria is the managing authority over a Centre for Professional Training, licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training.

ICTD Training center involved in promoting and developing vocational training of BG citizens and the lifelong learning activities. Our mission is meets the needs of labour market, society and the vocational education and training of citizens.

We belief that e-learning or distance learning, can give the freedom and flexibility to learn when and where our students want. They can study a wide range of subjects at any level, and e-learning or distance learning can be ideal if the subject them interested in isnt available nearby.

This is the reason that we have to use all possible methods in education process.

In our focus is mainly on ICT Professions. We use different training systems, as embodied and broadly are mandatory for Bulgaria general subjects.

We develop and deploy their own training courses by working closely with National Agency for Vocational Education and Training. They are based on fragments of certified professionals in public education as we do a real assessment of current labor market needs. As the main task we have set any training in ICT to end except with the appropriate degree and a European certification of computer literacy ECDL.

Our center recruit and deploy experts from multiple disciplines to handle complex and multidimensional topics.
We use every opportunity for making contacts and joint activities with other organizations in Europe in this area
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